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# VR - Talk to her

VR meets speech recognition! This innovative game combines speech recognition with VR.

  • Controlled by speech recognition
  • Supports Google Cardboard like VR Headsets (Stooksy VR-Spektiv)
  • Enjoy without interruptions, no touch input needed
  • For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (non-VR-Mode is available)


When the microphone is displayed on screen, the character listens to you. Start the conversation by asking her to dance or let her perform some sport moves. She really knows a lot about the universe, ask her about the sense of life or dig out some of her secrets. 


Some examples for voice input

  • Dance for me
  • Lets make sports
  • What do you know about the sense of life
  • Do some situps
  • Tell me a
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Meyer, Frank,

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