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3D Solar System

Attention: 3D Solar System may only be viewed with the Hasbro my3D viewer. Visit to purchase my3D the viewer.

a33;a33;a33;a33; "We cannot recommend this application enough." - The iPhone App Review

a33;a33;a33;a33; "Really cool." - Daily App Show

d03; It’s your spaceship, fly wherever you want.
d03; Explore over eight billion miles of space.
d03; Stop and learn about any object you see.
d03; Forty moons, planets, and space probes.
d03; Orbit Mars, explore the moons of Saturn.
d03; Travel to the edge of space, look at Earth.
d03; Watch the Size of the Planets video.

Note: 3D solar System is designed for use with iPhone 4 and above or iPod Touch 4 and above. A Hasbro my3D viewer is also required.

Thank you for checking out 3D Solar System. If you like the app please leave a review. If you have any issues or suggestions please contact us at for a quick response.

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Baeumer, Ralf,

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