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Welcome to the Stooksy VR-Spektiv App Database!

Here you can find all the desired apps for your Stooksy VR-Spektiv. You may search for any word or word combination.
Click on the column head to re-sort the table. Clicking on the store link gets you to the corresponding app store page.
All information was taken from the appropriate app store (Google Play, Apple Store, Win Phone). Therefore
we accept no responsibility for the contents.

Please report your complaints by sending us an email: or visit the Stooksy web site!

If you want to add an app or an app review you first have to register/login. All your contributions are very welcome!

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View VR Youtube 3D Videos free Photo/Video Android 2015/01/14
View VR Youtube 3D Videos   Entertainment 4.1 2016/05/28
View VR Zen Forest Google Cardboard   Adventure 4.1 2016/05/28
View VR Zen Garden - Cardboard   Simulation 4.1 2016/05/28
View VR Zombie Defense,Cardboard   Action 2.3 2016/05/28
View VR ZombieDefense,Cardboard free Game Android 2015/01/14
View VR-Kamasutra,Cardboard,GearVR free Photo/Video Android 2014/11/12
View Vulkan Durovis Dive VR Demo free Game Android 2014/05/10
View WAA! 0,99 Euro Game Android 2015/01/21
View WAVEFILE/HatuneMiku free Other Android 2015/01/14
View Wild West VR - Cardboard   Action 4.1 2016/05/28
View Winding Path 3D 1,18 Game Android 2014/05/11
View Wizard Academy VR Cardboard   Educational 4.1 2016/05/28
View XR Shooter (AR+VR) Cardboard   Action 2.3 2016/05/28
View Yana VR Relaxation (Cardboard)   Casual 4.1 2016/05/28
View Zen Garden VR Cardboard   Health & Fitness 4.1 2016/05/28
View ZenFone VR: The Journey Begins   Photography 4.1 2016/05/28
View ZigZag VR (Cardboard NYTimes)   Arcade 4.1 2016/05/28
View Zombie Shooter VR   Action 2.3 2016/05/28
View Zombiestan VR   Action 2.3 2016/05/28
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     Records 321 to 340 of 340     
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